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Tropical Love Stories

About Us

Have you seen the movies with those EPIC Couples Shots and thought i would love a couple shot like that...a dream image that will be forever imprinted in time, a love image taken in a 'True Paradise'.

YIR DJI_0258 web.jpg

Our Story

We are a professional couple that have travelled around Fiji as

Photographers and Filmmakers.

We come from NZ, Fiji & Brazil,  we are lucky enough to have the Mamanuca Islands & Yasawa Island Islands at our backdoor. A short boat trip to capture proposals, weddings, couple shots at sand cays, islands, underwater, surf breaks, private islands, walking hand in hand on a white sand beach and resort.

Couples Shoots

YIR HERO picnic Aerial DJI_0250 web.jpg
Dan Wedding proposal web-4446.jpg
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