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About Us


Michelle Stubbs and Daniel Hadler's extensive experience as photographers and filmmakers in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, and Fiji showcases their versatility and success in the creative industry. Their company, Creative 7, serves as a hub for a wide range of creative services, catering to the needs of clients in various sectors.


With over 20 years of experience in these diverse countries, they have gained valuable expertise and insights, enabling them to understand and adapt to different cultural and geographical contexts. This experience allows them to approach each project with a unique perspective, tailoring their creative solutions to suit the specific requirements of their clients.


Their specialization in producing travel magazines, brochures, real estate visuals, commercial videos, and promotional content for the Tourism Industry highlights their strong focus on destination marketing and visual storytelling. 

Their proficiency in Aerial Photography and Video, utilizing the latest equipment, adds an element of dynamism and visual appeal to their projects. Aerial imagery provides a captivating and bird's-eye view of landscapes and attractions, making it an invaluable asset in destination marketing and promotional videos.

At Creative 7, the entire production process can be handled in-house, including filming, editing, animation, graphics, and voiceovers. 

Creative 7, are well-prepared to meet the creative needs of clients across different industries. Their proficiency in destination marketing, visual storytelling, and cutting-edge techniques allows them to deliver visually captivating and engaging content that leaves a lasting impact on audiences.

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